Room spray LYNKS AFRICA inspired, 100ml. Free Post

Room spray AFRICA inspired, 100ml. Free Post

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Room spray AFRICA inspired, 100ml. Free Post


Odour Elimination

Our powerful odour eliminators remove the bad smells at source, and prevent further production of those pesky pongs.


Water-Based with methylisothiazolinone/methylchloroisothiazolinone preservative system for shelf-life up to 2 years. Water-based air freshener gives the purest fragrance without any chemical scent, and contains no harsh solvents. Low-toxicity and low inhalation hazard is a further benefit so it is safer to work around all day than solvent-based or propellant air freshener

Contains Bitrex

  • Helps protect families and vulnerable persons by making the liquid taste intolerably bitter
  • Important in our product due to the sweets and drinks scents which could cause accidental ingestion
  • Bitrex makes the product impossible for humans and animals to swallow any of the liquid due to the extreme bitterness.

Non Flammable

Non Flammable - Safe to use around naked flames and sources of ignition, unlike aerosols.