3 x Dr Johnson’s Antiseptic Disinfectant, Kills 99.9% Bacteria 500ML, just like Dettol.

Large 500ml per bottle

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3 x Dr Johnson's Antiseptic Disinfectant 500ML Large Bottle 
  • Dr Johnson's Antiseptic Disinfectant.
  • Safe, gentle and effective cleaning disinfectant.
  • Kills 99.9% of bacteria including E.coli.
  • Size: 500ml 

Dr Johnson's Disinfectant is safe, gentle and antiseptic making it perfect for family use.  It can be utilitised for a variety of topical and hard surface applications around the home to help kill 99.9% of bacteria.  It can also be used for skin cleansing and applying to minor upsets and accidents.


  • Safe, gentle, effective
  • Dr Johnson's disinfectant is safe, gentle and antiseptic
  • Making it perfect for family use
  • Its powerful disinfectant action makes it
  • ideal for household cleaning too
  • Each bottles is 500ml
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